Empower your maritime communications! 

XChange, Marlink’s integrated communication management platform, has been expertly designed to empower your connectivity to all satellite networks (VSAT and MSS) for high quality voice, VoIP, and data.

Fully manageable onboard or remotely from shore, XChange facilitates control of your onboard network while offering sophisticated tools to economise your communication costs and keep your crew happy.


Control your communication costs:
Set access rules and usage limits for different user groups.
Provide crew access to voice and data services, either free of charge, via corporate credit or resell local credits using prepaid vouchers.
Monitor and analyse your communication evolution, based on your own defined update sequences.
Maintain remote control:
Benefit from quick and easy remote support with reduced downtime and no onboard intervention using Universal Remote Access (URA).
Remotely maintain and update your XChange configuration and onboard settings, like updating firewall rules, allowing you to streamline settings for ships or a fleet according to your policies.
Firmware updates can be pushed with one click. No need to send a technician on board.
Independent of the communication technology, keep control of onboard equipment and gain access to a computer or any other network device onboard from anywhere.
Secure your onboard IT:
Via group policies and access rules, manage who is able to communicate through which terminal at what time and for how long.
Multi-stage firewall rules ensure that only wanted traffic is routed to and from your vessel, ensuring your entire onboard IT infrastructure is secure.
Set up the embedded VPN service to encrypt and secure your link to headquarters.
Stay connected wherever you are:
Benefit from services like voice, data and VoIP onboard, all smoothly integrated regardless of the connectivity or phones onboard.
Manage and set priorities over your separated crew and corporate networks and whenever required, non-corporate traffic can even be disconnected.
Keep your crew motivated:
         XChange delivers applications to keep your crew happy, health and connected
XChange Media: Connect your crew to the world of news and entertainment.
XChange Bring Your Own Device: Allow your crew to stay online at sea - just like at home.
XChange Telemed: Peace of mind for a safe and healthy crew.


The XChange next generation hardware has been expertly developed based on our comprehensive experiences of operating and managing the XChange. Both hardware options are designed to be fully future-ready.


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    XChange Base

    Small, lightweight desk or rack-mountable unit offering performance, speed & capacity, delivering core functions of XChange.

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    XChange Power

    Fast performing & powerful rack-mountable unit, with large hard disk space enabling big data applications. Ideal with Sealink VSAT.



Type Compact Unit (ATX DC) - Silent
Dimensions 185mm x 131mm x 54mm
Weight 2Kg (4lb)
Mounting Desk, Wall-mount or 2U Rack-mount
Operating System Linux
Processor Intel AtomTM E3845 1,91GHz
System SSD (Main) Industrial 2,5" SSD 128GB
Content HDD (secondary) N.A.
Supply DC 9 - 28V (optional: AC/DC adapter 90-240V)
Consumption 60W
Ethernet (RJ-45) (10/100/1000 Mbits) 2 WAN & 2 LAN
Voice (RJ-11) N.A.
USB 4x
Serial (RS232) 4x
Robustness (incl. HDD)  
Vibration 5g rms (5 to 500 Hz - 3 axis)
Shock 50 g (11 ms - 3 axis)


Type  Rack Units (ATX AC or DC)
Dimensions  426mm x450mm x 44mm
Weight 8Kg (16lb)
Mounting 1U Rack-mount
Operating System Linux
Processor Intel i7TM 4770TE 2,3 GHz
System SSD (Main)  Industrial 2,5" SSD 256GB
Content HDD (secondary) Industrial 2,5" HDD 1TB
Supply DC 20-28V or AC 100-240V
Consumption  200W
Ethernet (RJ-45) (10/100/1000 Mbits) 2 WAN & 2 LAN
Voice (RJ-11) Optional 1 x FXO/3FXS
USB 4x
Serial (RS232)  N.A.
Robustness (incl. HDD)  
Vibration  1g rms (5 to 500 Hz - 3 axis)
Shock  20 g (11ms - 3 axis)
XChange works with all main broadband connectivity services offered by Marlink: Sealink™ VSAT, Inmarsat and Iridium.
Marlink XChange Media